The idea of creating a webpage has been haunting me for years. But there have always been other things to do. Finally the time has come and there are no more excuses so I decided to perform the plan with small steps. I hope the page will be a rich source of information for those who are really interested in the subject.

I have been making dreads for over 20 years. As I have worn dreads since I was 14 I have learned a lot of things on myself. For years I have worked on different types of hair and corrected dreads in various condition. I think the best technique is crocheting as it makes it possible to create any even strangest hairstyle and it also enables work with very short hair. I have also made dreads with wool and manually. I specialise in very thin dreads which give an interesting effect, that however does not mean that fat “whips” are my weakness. On the contrary several years ago with a group of befriended Rasta men we organised a contest of growing the thickest dread.

Upon request I also make braids and synthetic dreads.

I also have a number of handmade caps for dread owners and a lot of beads.

I plan to spend the year 2023 in Switzerland. I am permanently available in four locations: Lausanne, Fribourg, Morat and Montreux. It is also possible to reach you at home by my silver arrow. I would like this year to be a year of short trips to Europe, so if you don't live in the area, please send me an email as I may well head your way for a weekend.