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A few words about dreadlocks

Dreads represent a specific hairstyle. A layman could say these are controlled shags. And maybe it would be right if not for the fact that dreads are not just hair, dreads are a different vista of life.
Many people cannot imagine life without combing every day, others how to have the same or similar hairstyle for many years. An owner of dreads, in turn, cannot imagine life without them. Each dread owner counts months and centimetres dreaming and waiting for their growth.
How dreads look depends on their owner, type of hair, methods of curling. Each has one’s own concept of his/her image and dreads are always unique. Thin or thick, long or short, decorated, braided or loose – they are always impressive. This hairstyle gives you an opportunity of expressing yourself in an almost unlimited manner; enables you to make modifications, various elements and it simply looks good. You may have dreads on your whole head or you may leave a fringe if you like it. You may have a Mohawk made of dreads, so called crust so dreads at the back of your head only. Dreads may also be combined with synthetic plaits, added beads, ribbons etc. – you are only limited by your imagination.
I have been dealing with dreads for years and so I don’t want this page to be just my portfolio. I want it to be useful to all people interested in dreads, I want to clear their doubts and solve problems related to dreads. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, don’t hesitate and simply write to me.

DreadAla - Professional Dreadlocks


I plan to spend the year 2023 in Switzerland. I am permanently available in four locations: Lausanne, Fribourg, Morat and Montreux. It is also possible to reach you at home by my silver arrow. I would like this year to be a year of short trips to Europe, so if you don't live in the area, please send me an email as I may well head your way for a weekend.

Professional Dreadlocks
DreadAla - Professional Dreadlocks