I make dreads with a crocheting needle or manually.

I’m able to make dreads of the hair of 6-8 cm long depending on whether you want or not to lengthen it with synthetic hair. Thanks to my long experience I’m able to select appropriate thickness of dreads adjusted to a customer’s requirements and hair – you decide I advise.

Dreads made by me are permanent and do not fall apart after washing.


I lengthen dreads with natural or synthetic hair. My main advantage is that I do not prepare dreads to be attached in advance but I make during curling up dreads selecting appropriate amount of hair. Thanks to it attached dreads have the same thickness as your natural dreads and the place of attachment is not visible. I connect them only with natural hair, I don’t stich anything – I try to make everything as natural as possible thanks to it they are stronger and look prettier. I can also attach a dread to dread is you want to attach your or someone else’s dreads.

I have samples of synthetic hair of the kind Kanekalon, which enables me to select the colour perfectly. I can also order them for you. I guarantee the highest quality of hair.


Servicing dreads is the basis for beautiful and well-groomed dreads. My experience is for you a guarantee that you are in the right hands. I know my job and I know how to sort out even the most neglected dreads. If you think that there is nothing that can be done with your dreads and they can only be cut, contact me.

If your problem is rubbing off (dreads falling down), uneven dreads, sticking out bit of hair or flattened dreads, trust me I can help you.

If you look for someone who will curl up your growing dreads from time to time, will correct your dreads along their length or will finish the ends? Write or call.


I thicken dreads using synthetic or natural hair by attaching it to the base of your own dread or through making new dreads on your head.


I connect dreads with a crocheting needle, if needed I supplement them with synthetic or natural hair.


If you want to shorten your dreads change your hairstyle or you have a different interesting idea contact me and together we will see what possible. Dreads when cut behave a bit differently than normal hair which is good to know before you cut them.


If you decide to come back to normal hair I will help you comb your dreads out.


It is an interesting alternative for those who can make a decision or want to change something in their looks just for a while. Initially popular among cyberpunks, at present people not connected with this subculture at all also choose this solution. Synthetic temporary dreads are put on normal hair without shagging and destroying it. When you get bored with your dreads you just take them off. Temporary ready dreads may be bought in shops offering synthetic hair – they are curled up in a specific manner or order them selecting the colour individually.

I make dreads with a crocheting needle with the same technique as curling up of natural hair. They may be put as single ones on the hair or more and more popular now are double dreads with two ends. When you put them you have twice as many dreads as in the event of single dreads. The options are unlimited if you take into consideration selection of thickness, length, colour and addition of other elements.


I specialise in dreads, however I have extended my offer with braids as well. If you want to have African style braids your hair need to be just 7 cm long. I make braids by combining natural and synthetic hair. The colour of braids depends on you creative invention only. I recommend mixing colours as the best effect is achieved when you combine your own natural colour with another contrasting or even aggressive colour. Artificial hair are produced in all colours from white through various shades of blonde, brown until black. Unnatural colours such as pink, red, green and many others are also available. You can mix as many as even 5 colours in one plait. Thanks to good selection of colours the hair „become” more spatial.

The braids made by me are permanent, they do not slide down. I do not use any chemicals to attach them. The hair looks good up to three months – unfortunately after this period due to the hair growth the braids have to be taken off or made anew. You may braid only these which are located in the most visible places (just near your face).

Depending on one’s taste and ideas, braids may be short, to the shoulders’ length, elbows’ length or even longer. Regardless of the type of hair their thickness may also be selected. Braids are put, depending on their length and number, from 5 to even 15 hours (at very long and thick hair, where the number of plaits exceeds 200).


The price of making dreads on the whole head depends on the length and thickness of your hair, and also on whether you want to have thick or thin dreads – accordingly to the amount of work, agreed individually.

For lengthening the dreads the price is proportionally higher depending on how long dreads you want to have and with what hair you want to lengthen them.

Similarly with all the corrections – sometimes it just finishing touches and sometimes I spend as much time on one head as if I made the dreads from a scratch.

Curling up growing hair depends on its length, complexity and effort.

Combing out: an individual cost depends on length and thickness of dreads and a degree of their beating.

Assistance in performing individual projects depending on an idea – the more interesting idea the lower price.

Price for putting temporary dreads is agreed individually, if you order dreads from me, the price includes their putting on.

Prices for making plaits are agreed individually as well, depending on their number and their length and type of synthetic hair.